1960 à 1969 - pupil of the Hungarian painter, Gomery.

1968 - Meets the painter A. MANESSIER.

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- A. MANESSIER encourages him to persevere in his work and suggests to him to leave Paris.

1969 - Collective exhibitions, France.

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- Gallery Valentine DESCOMBES, Paris, France.
- Gallery "La Boulangerie", Poët Laval, Drôme, France.

1969 - He meets Jeanne Modigliani.

1969 - He leaves Paris.

1969 - Death of GOMERY.

1971 - Collective exhibition, France.

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- C.E.R.E.C. Art Conseil, Lyon, France.

1971 - Claude Roger-Marx, France.

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- He meets the art critic Claude ROGER-MARX who advises him to dedicate exclusively to paint.

1972 - Personal exhibition, Denmark.

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- Exhibition in Galerie B.B., Randers, Denmark.

1973 - He goes back to Paris.

1973 - Private exhibition, Paris.

1974 - Collective exhibition, Switzerland.

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- Exhibition in Hôtel des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland.

1974 - Private exhibition, France.

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- Saint-Germain en Laye, France.

1974 - Engravings, Paris.

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- He practice engravings at "l'Atelier 17" of S. HAYTER, Paris, France.

1975 - Jacques Dopagne & Gilioli, Paris.

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- He becomes a friend of the art critic Jacques DOPAGNE who introduce him to the sculptor GILIOLI.

1979 - Personal exhibition, Paris.

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- Galery "Orphée", Paris, France.

1981 - Personal exhibition, Germany.

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- Artist's studio, A. WERHMANN, Cologne, Germany.

1983 - Collective exhibition, France.

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- Exhibition "Young & Great Contemporary Talents" Grand Palais, Paris, France.

1983 - Publicise the CHARRA paintwork.

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- "Connaître la peinture de CHARRA", First edition of Jacques DOPAGNE collection.

1984 - Private exhibition, Granges-les-Valence, France.

1984 - Covert art "Computer book" (Informatique des Livres)

Cover art

- "Computer book" (Informatique des Livres).

1984 - Collective exhibition, Festival of contempory art, Sisteron, France.

1986 - Draws illustration in Polyphonie, n°4, Paris, France.

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- Draw in magazine "Polyphonies" page 72

1986 - He publishes "Aujour'nuit", book publishing Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France.

Cover art

1986 - Personal exhibition, theatre gallery, Vanves, France.

1987 - Poems, illustrations, personnal exhibition, France.

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- Two poems & five illustrations in Polyphonie, 5, Paris, France.
- Personnal exhibition, Art gallery, ORLY airport, Paris, France.

1987 - Collective exhibition, reformed church of Choisy-le-Roi, France

1989 - Collective exhibition, France

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- "Réverbérations" (Reflections),
- French and english poetry festival, Vanves, France.

1989 - Private exhibition, Paris, France.

1990 - Private exhibition, Mairie de Champis, 07, France.

1990 - Collective exhibition, France.

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- "Réverbérations" (Reflections), French and english poetry festival, Paris, France.

1990 - Collective exhibition, Tribute to Roger CAILLOIS, Montgeron, France.

1990 - Personnal exhibition SEDERMA, Le Perray-en-Yvelines, France.

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- Personnal exhibition, SEDERMA, Le Perray en Yvelines, France.

1991 - Collective exhibition, Mairie de Champis, 07, France.

1991 - Original drawings, Cover, collective Exhibition, France.

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- Twenty original chinese ink drawings for "The city in flood" of Max ALHAU, editions Amiot-Lenganey.
- Cover design for "La Traductière", Paris, France.
- Collective exhibition, Festival "Jazz in Marciac", Marciac, Gers, France.

1992 - Writing "le juste mot" (the right word), France.

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- "Le juste mot" (the right word) in "La Traductière", Paris, France.

1992 - Collective exhibition, "Research and creation"
National Institute of Health and Medical Research (I.N.S.E.R.M.), Paris, France..

1992 - Collective exhibitions, France, Ecosse.

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- "Réverbérations" (Reflections), French and english poetry festival, Paris, France.
- Open Circle, Glasgow, Scotland.

1993 - Six paintings for six poems & collective exhibition.

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- Six paintings for six poems of Jacques RANCOURT.
- The music composer quebecker Vincent GAGNON puts music to one of his poems.
- Collective exhibition, "Réverbérations" (Reflections), French and english poetry festival, Paris, France.

1994 - Nine painting & collective exhibition.

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- Nine paintings for "Invisible, indivisible", a poem of Marc BARON, France.
- Collective exhibition, "Art in school", Jeunesse et Sport (Youth & sport activity), Paris, France.

1995 - Private exhibition, France. à la MJC Europe.
Youth and Culture House EUROPE, St Egrève, Isère, France.

1995 - Collective exhibitions, France.

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- "Réverbérations" (reflections), French and english poetry festival, Paris, France.
- Fifth Grand Marché of Contemporary Art, Paris, France.

1995 - Text, cover & inserts, France.

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- Text "abstract realism" in "La Traductière" (The translator), 12/13, Paris, France.
- Cover & Inserts - Bacchanales n° 5.

1996 - Personnal exhibition, France.

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- Cultural event "Painter & his poets", Cultural center Juliette DROUET, Fougères, France.

1996 - Collective exhibition, France.

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- "Réverbérations" (Reflections), French and English poetry festival, Paris, France.

1996 - Cover design & two poems in "The Chariton Review", USA.

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- Cover design & two poems in "The Chariton Review", volume 22 - n°1 et 2, directed by the américain poet Jim BARNES, Kirksville, Missouri, U.S.A.

1997 - Collective exhibition, France.

See more...

- Réverbérations", French and English poetry festival, Paris, France.

1998 - He became friendly with Jean Revol

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- "Réverbérations", Festival franco-anglais de poésie, Paris.
- "Art postal", Clelles, Isère.

1998 Collective exhibitions, "Réverbérations" (reflections) & "Art postal", France.

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- "Réverbérations", French and English poetry festival, Paris, France.
- Cultural event "Art postal", Clelles, Isère, France.

1998 - Personnal exhibition, Galery Voltaire in Grenoble, Isère, France

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1998 - Collective exhibition, "Regards 98" (visions 98), Rabastens, Tarn, France.

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1999 - Collective exhibitions", France & Canada.

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- "Reverberations", French and English poetry festival, Paris, France.
- "Relais des Epoques", montréal, Québec.
- "Night one hundred painters", Paris, France.

1999 - Text "Visage en filigrane" in "la traductière", Paris, France.

2000 - Publishes "Sous le soleil", Editions TCCOM, Eybens, Isère, France.

Cover art

2000 - Collective exhibitions, France.

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- "Réverbérations", French and English poetry festival, Paris, France.
- 2nd "Night one hundred painters", Paris, France.

2001 - Collective exhibitions, France.

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- 3rd "Nuit Cent Peintres" (Night one hundred painters), Paris, France.
- Painters and graphic designers for Bacchanales, MAPRA - Lyon, France.

2003 - Bourg-Neuf Theater- Festival Passion d'Avril in Avignon, France.

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- Presents nine paintings in parallel with the music of composer Alexis DEGRENIER.

2003 - Collective exhibition, 2nd International exhibition of Contemporary art, Marrakech Royal theater, Morocco.

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Marrakech Royal theater, Morocco.

2003 - Bourg Neuf Theater In Avignon, France.

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- Performs the coverage of the festival program at the Bourg Neuf theater within the framework of the Festival of Avignon.

2004 - Production of a DVD Espaces de la mémoire "Spaces of Memory"

2009 - Exhibition of works, France.

see more...

- Faculty of Theology of Montpellier, France.
- "Art & Yoga", Cultural center "Odyssée", Eybens, France.

2014 - Grenoble University Library

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- Twentieth anniversary of the poetry magazine, "Bacchanales".

2016 - Personal Exhibition, France

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